Thursday, November 06, 2008

Back 2 Basics

I weighed in today, and stayed exactly the same.

Instead of feeling discouraged I'm still inspired by Tuesday... so it's back to basics for me. Lately I've been really splurging over the weekends and try to make up for it on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before my weigh-in, this week I did the same thing with the water.

Yesterday, I drank 18 glasses of water. The day before that I had 12... I need to get my food and water in check and organized. I also need to add oils and more exercise.

There's about one more week until DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge begins - I want to start it on the right foot... so this week I'm going to tighten my tracker up and make some intake improvements... I might start posting my journal also - to keep me accountable.

So far today I'm doing okay... I get 25 points a day, and so far I've had 20 - so I might have some veggies and a Weight Watcher's shake for dinner. I'm going to try not to use any of my flex points until this weekend... I even had my oil intake for the day. I need to have three more fruits or veggies, the shake will cover the milk and water I've had about two servings. I think I'll hit all my food quotas for the day... yeeaahhh me!

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