Monday, October 13, 2008


Once again, another weekend and I screwed up. I went over my points by a million. Okay - more like 37 on Saturday, and 6 yesterday... last week I did this, and I still lost - but I don't think my can swing this every week. I don't like having to cut points Monday-Wednesday. Today I'm aiming to cut 5 points out and the same for tomorrow and the day after...

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and all around feeling like crap, so cutting out points won't bother me much. My stomachs upset and I didn't even feel like having my morning shake. I had it anyway. Now my stomach feels blah. I think I might skip lunch. I just don't feel good.

So far today I've had 4 points... my morning shake and a pear. I'm full. I need to catch up on my water too... I'm 6 cups behind.

I had a pretty good excuse this week... it was Ross' birthday... but of course no excuse is really a good excuse. Friday's my birthday. My mother is taking me to eat Friday during the day and Ross and I are going to spend Friday evening and the weekend together. My mother wants to go to Sizzlers for their all you can eat options - even thought she knows I've been losing weight. I told her I'd like to go someplace else... (considering it's my birthday), she said she was paying and that is where she wants to go... typical behavior coming from her. So I'm going. I'll just have to eat very light through out the day because I want to go prepared with as many points as I can, but I also have to spread my flex points out to last me at least through out the weekend.

I think I'll go hunt me down some tea right now...

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