Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Wednesday

I'm feeling much better today. Even though tomorrow's weigh-in I'm okay about it. I feel back in control. I think I get a little nutty when I go over on the weekend then have to make up for it the rest of the week. Friday's Halloween, but unless we go out to a club I should be okay with my points. Halloween isn't really a dinning holiday. Vi is going to her BFF's house, and Ross' kids will be with their mother... that means I will be able to steer clear of the trick-or-treating candy.

My boss wants to do a little something for our patients. I think I'll make cupcakes to bring in, which I should be okay with... once I set them out for the patients and they start in on them I won't touch them. I'm finicky about my food and who's around it. Which is a good thing, it'll prevent me from walking back and forth to the waiting room shoving cupcakes in my mouth.

I got on the scale this morning and it said I'm down .8... which is a little annoying because that means I won't move to the next number down on the scale... oh please scale goddess will you please let me be down at least .10? I'm expecting a loss, that's all I know... my scale is a little wonky, I'll weigh myself at home - it'll say one thing. Then I'll get to Weight Watchers and either I'll be lower in weight or higher then what my scale says. My scale - it has a mind of it's own.


Patty said...

Hey girl, I know what you mean about having a wonky scale. Mine seems to be a little moody sometimes...up and down with no reason that I can tell.

Rosie said...

I bet mine is moodier than yours... I can step on it - it'll say one number, without moving it - 2 seconds later I can stand on it again the same exact way I did before and it'll be a pound or so off.

Crazy scale.