Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Morning...

Good Morning and Happy Monday

I feel pretty good this morning. I had my Weight Watcher's shake for breakfast, my water bottle is full and ready for me to drink it... and I have a mango for mid morning snack. I'm prepared.

This weekend wasn't so good. Again I used up all my flex points plus went over 12. I know I over estimated on some of the points but I don't think I over estimated 12 extra points!

I think my weakness right now are weekends at Ross'. I need to learn to have some control, weekends at his house and goodies given to me at work are killing me. For example Friday my boss brought in 2 donuts for me. I could of had one and saved the other one - but ohhhh nnoooo I had both - which caused me to use up some of my flex points. And this weekend when having ice cream I could of had half of cup instead of a whole cup of ice cream and one tablespoon of chocolate syrup instead of two. If I can stay focused Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that would be GREAT!

However I did get on the scale this morning... and I'm 1.9 pound lighter then what I was Thursday at the Weight Watchers center! Of course my clothes were probably lighter and it was a different scale... but I'm still going to take seeing a loss as a positive thing. This Thursday I'm hoping for a 1.2 pound loss - so showing a 1.9 pound loss and it's only Monday morning is a VERY good sign.

Now when I reach my first 10 pound loss, I think it's time that I start incoporating some regularly scheduled exercise. I'm going to aim for 30 minutes on the treadmill one day a week and build on that. Maybe every 5 pounds up it a day up to 5 days, then work my way up too 5 days a week for an hour. If I did that by the time I get to 2 days a week for 60 minutes and 3 days for 45 minutes I'll be at my weight loss goal of 65 pounds! Crazy when I put it that way it sort of puts a 65 pound loss into another light, it seems closer - almost within arms reach. I'm super excited Thursday is right around the corner. And hopefully, I'll be able to order my 10 pound charm that day too.

Next Sunday is Ross' birthday - so I have to have some will power when it comes to my Flex Points on Friday and Saturday. Friday's the New Kids On The Block concert, so I won't be able to work out for extra points but I will be able to eat lighter. Saturday morning I'm going to try to get a workout in. Sunday, I'm making him Chili Rellenos and a German Chocolate cake... YUM! I should consider getting a work out in on Sunday morning too, while the cake bakes just for extra points.

My first month on Weight Watchers I lost 8.8 pounds... if I keep up with losing 8 pounds a month, by my bff's wedding in February I should be 40 pounds less... holy crap! That gets me excited just thinking about it!

We'll I've better get going on. Happy Losing...


skinnyhollie said...

Sounds like you have a great plan! Donuts are my weakness too...I have to avoid them like they're crack!

Have a great day!

Rosie said...

OMG I have the worst sweet tooth for all baked goods expecially nice freshly baked fluffy yeast donuts... I can taste one now.