Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

Tomorrow's weigh-in and I'm a bit nervous... I didn't start the week off very well... but did however stay on program about 3 days. The 4th day I went over by 2 points. I didn't do horrible this week... just not my best.

Yesterday, my mother and I went to lunch at this Mexican Market that has a full Mexican deli. I
saved my morning points, and planned on having a light dinner (I ended up having 2 Fiber One Bars for dinner)... I'm not sure how many points the food actually was... I had Birria De Rez. It's sort of like a spicy beef stew with no veggies or carbs just meat. I had half the plate... and was so overwhelmingly full I was uncomfortable. I haven't overeaten in so long, it also triggered a panic attack.

We went to a store after lunch to walk it off some... 10-15 minutes later while trying on a blouse my stomach starting making this loud rumbling sound, sort of like a cross between a muffled monster and a thunder storm. I ran out of the dressing room leaving the store clothes behind and practically had to beg the clerk to let me use their 'private' bathroom. Thank goodness she took mercy on me... she probably noticed the expression on my face, and heard the scary sounds my body was making.

Once in the restroom my body exploded... and kept exploding over and over once I got home. Now thinking about it, I guess it wasn't very smart of me to have 2 Fiber One bars after that - considering they're 9 grams of fiber each.

With all the stomach drama yesterday, I got on the scale at home this morning in my weigh-in clothes... and it said I gained a pound! WTF?! How the heck did that happen?! It could be from me drinking 3 of my water servings after 11pm last night. I think that might be it. I hope that is it.

Today being the eve of weigh-in, I'ma drink all my water early and also attempt to have dinner at a descent hour. Hopefully, tomorrow the numbers will look better.

On a happier and hopefully less gross note: I'm most-likely going to start video blogging... inspired by GoodByeFatSuits on youtube. I had thought about it before, but wasn't sure. With my busy schedule I'm not even going to attempt to do a weekly vlog. I plan on posting vlogs once a month with updates on my progress, possible recipes, tips, etc. It should be fun... but expect at least the first few videos to be a bit stiff... I get nervous in front of the camera. Usually it's easier to play a character than yourself.

I'm aiming to get it done and post it on Saturday - my one month anniversary back on Weight Watchers.

Also, if I get enough interest - I'm thinking of doing a Holiday Challenge starting possibly as early as October 15th! I'll give you more details on that later.

I've better get going now...

Have a good one...


skinnyhollie said...

Bless your heart! But it just goes to show that your body doesn't like it when you feed it the wrong food after feeding it healthy food for a while. I always say that my body is "rejecting" the fatty food.

Good luck on WI!

Rosie said...

You might be right on that one. My mother also got sick, but of course she had pork... and hasn't had it in a long time. Whatever it was, it was bad... lol.

Funny, while I was eating it... I planned for it, so I had the points but still felt a little guilty.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Two Fiber One bars may be beyond your tolerance level. They are so good, but boy can they do a number on you ! My son is able to eat two of them day and have no problems. I think he has cast iron internal plumbing !!! He asks to have more but I keep telling him 2 is more than enough in a day.

Rosie said...

2 is nothing... (I think that's why I lost over 5 pounds the first week... lol) Two is okay for me even three if I spread them out. I'm addicted to them and have been trying to keep it down to 2 a day. I suffer from a sweet tooth, which I think is part of the reason for me being overweight.

Yesterday, it was def the food - my mother got sick too.