Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eleven Tricks to Keep You Out of the (Unhealthy) Halloween Treats

If you are trying to eat more healthy, not gain weight or get a grip on a sweet tooth, then don't use Halloween as an excuse for a candy mountain binge. Should you eat healthy Halloween candy? (Is there such a thing as healthy Halloween candy?) Or should you avoid it all together?

Here are Eleven Tricks to Keep You Out of the (Unhealthy) Halloween Treats

---If you are treating---

1. Don't buy your treats too early.

2. Don't buy candy that appeals to you - certainly not your favorite. (Whom do you think you're tricking?)

3. Keep the stash in your trunk until the big day.

4. Don't open the bag until the first goblin arrives.

5. Have apples, oranges, or bananas as alternative choices.

6. Consider a grab bag of non-food choices from the dollar store - small flashlights, markers, decks of cards, pencils, notepads, yoyos, chewing gum, etc.

7. You might also choose to have your own stash of healthy Halloween candy or make yourself some popcorn or have some other tasty healthy treats for your personal munching during the course of the evening. You can find somewhat healthy Halloween candy in the health food sections of grocery stores. Try CoCoaVia Blueberry and Almond Chocolate Bars. Or Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Edamame.

---If your kids are getting treated---

8. Make a plan with your kids. Here's a suggestion: When they return home with their booty ask them to put a reasonable daily amount in seven different bags, one for each of the next seven days. Explain to them about empty calories and nutritional calories, telling them that they can have their candy after they have their nutritional calories. Let them choose their nutritional calories too. Perhaps even take them shopping to pick out some nuts, fresh fruit, baby carrots with dip, etc.

Try not to argue with them about their choices. Let them set their own limits so they'll feel some loyalty to them. Even if it is more than you feel they should have, this is great practice to reinforce reasonable eating habits for life.

9. Make a trip to a homeless shelter to drop off all extra candy, including whatever is left over from treating and whatever was more than needed from the kids seven daily bags. (The kids could go with you.) If you can't go right away, put it in a bag in the trunk specifically for marked for the shelter.

---While at work---

10. Please, for the sake of reasonable dieters everywhere - do not bring the overflow to work with you. If there is a ton of candy at work, quietly slip it into your trunk for the visit to the homeless shelter too.

~~So you don't feel deprivef ~~

11. Have a healthy Halloween treat that borders on decadent. If it is within your means and your capacity for self-control, buy yourself one really fine dark chocolate candy bar to eat over the course of the Halloween extravaganza. Stay away from ALL other candy, including your kid's bags and your co-workers candy bowl.

Thank you Donna R. from WWMSG for sharing...


senseieyes said...

I so should have read this two days ago...

Rosie said...

It's okay... it's a new week. You can do this. What are you going to do today to prepare yourself for a losing week?