Friday, October 17, 2008

Very Close To Being Done...

I worked on my video entry yesterday... making a video, even if it's a simple one is hard work. I thought I was done, but then when I uploaded it to I realized I accidentally cut out some scenes. I also can't figure out how to add music to the credits - which sucks.

Now I have to re-piece together the video, then redo the title and credit pages. Maybe I can finish it and be able to post it tomorrow. We'll see... anyone a Windows Movie Maker Master? If worse comes to worse I'll post it with no music... not that big of a deal.

Today's my birthday I'm turning the big 3-2. I have lunch planned with my mother and I think Ross is making me dinner, but I think he might be doing that tomorrow... which might be better for my points balancing. Today I'm eating super light. I had a Weight Watchers shake for breakfast, and 3 boiled egg whites for snack... I'm going to drink at least 3 cups of water before going to lunch and have a pear if I get ugly before then. I'll have 20 points to blow on lunch. I think I'll just order a salad. I'm going to check and see if I can figure out the points on their dishes.

Well that's about it for now... except to see a video with in the next couple of days. Also next week I'll be posting Holiday Challenge information...

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