Friday, October 10, 2008


I MADE IT!!! YYYYEEEAAAHHH!!!!! I got my 10 pound award yesterday and get to add another charm to my bracelet!

I really didn't expect a 1.2 loss... I thought if anything a few ounces down or maybe a few ounces up... but I figured more down considering I was REALLY good on Wednesday. I think I ended up saving 9 points... or was it 6... either way I saved points Wednesday night.

I'm right on schedule... remember towards the end of last month (09/24/08) I posted a weight loss schedule...

09/25/08 - 7.6 pound loss
10/02/08 - 8.8 pound loss
10/16/08 - 11 pound loss
10/23/08 - 12 pound loss
11/25/08 - 15 pound loss
12/30/08 - 20 pound loss

So far I'm right on schedule! Right on exactly except for 09/25/08 I think I only lost .2 but by 10/02/08 I was right back on track.

It feels great to be losing weight. Tonight's the New Kids On The Block concert and I'm fit better in my 7th/8th grade t-shirt. I still have to suck in my stomach a bit for it to look descent... but that's okay... lol.

I updated my virtual model on there isn't much difference yet. I see a SLIGHT (and when I say slight I mean SLIGHT) change in the face but that's it... another 6 pounds I'll see a big difference so that's when I'll repost it.

Well that's about it for now. I've better get busy and get stuff done - I have a date with Jonathan Knight tonight... well with him and Ross. Two hot men, I'm a lucky lady! :o)


skinnyhollie said...

Congrats on your loss! I can't wait to hear about NKOTB!

Rosie said...

It was truly a dream come true. Funny, I was excited about going but not crazy excited... when I got there I turned into the 13 year old who use to cry when they came on tv... lol. I stood and jumped almost the whole concert... while singing with them the loudest I could... it's Monday now and I'm wondering why I have a sore throat... lol.