Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today was weigh-in... and I'm down 1.6! Which puts me at a 13 pound loss!!! I'm super excited. 2 more pounds and I'll be at my 15 pound mark, and after that I'll be reaching for my 10% goal!!!

I am now the same weight I was when I was 17 years old 04/20/04, the day before I went into labor (40 weeks pregnant)... lol. Crazy huh, I remember freaking out then when I got on the scale because I was so close to 200... now when I got on the scale and seen 183 I was doing my victory dance... funny how things work.

I'm excited to be losing. I feel really motivated and back on track today. Tomorrow's Halloween and I think I'm prepared for it... I brought Fiber One Bars today to have when everyone else is having candy. I also brought Smart One's Chocolate Muffins when everyone else is having cupcakes and whatever other high point foods my boss brings in for them. I should do fine tomorrow.

Did I tell you about my coat? I thrifted a coat on my birthday that is a bit too small for me... my goal is to get into it by Christmas... so getting into that coat to me is more important and will bring more satisfaction than a candy bar.

Another video should be coming soon... should by up sometime next week... the 4th will be my 2 month anniversary... I'm proud of myself for sticking to this.


Lisa said...

I was 183 at 40 weeks pregnant for both of my pregnancies and also at one point in high school. That's incredibly funny how that works!

Rosie said...

Magic Baby Number 183... lol.