Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 2 - Back on this Bitch

It's day two back on program... and it's a bitch. I fell off for a few weeks and now I'm paying for it... withdrawals like a mutha-F'er! I want chocolate, bread, meat... etc. And it doesn't help it's Halloween tomorrow and I've got candy and chocolate in my apartment NOW!

So far so good. I stuck to program yesterday, and today so far... but I don' t know about tomorrow... I think Ross wants to drink tonight. I would rather wait until tomorrow... cuz I'm taking a day off from detoxing.

Anyone dressing up for Halloween? I sent for a French Maid costume on ebay... and never received it... I'm so irritated... so I have to come up with something else. I'm gonna be Candy the Roller Girl... black tank, red lacy hot pants, fish nets, rainbow knee highs and my old roller skates... lol.

If Ross doesn't come for me tonight I might practice some on the skates considering it's been a long while since I last skated.

Tomorrow I'm gonna have a light breakfast and lunch and a nice chile relleno dinner... can't wait... ohh cheese how I love you! Might make one of the brownie recipes I post this week.

Well, I've better go get ready. I wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween... and if you celebrate Dia De Los Muertos... may you be blessed with a visit!

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The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Hang in there - and Happy Dios De Los Muertos to you and yours ! We are going down to our family cemetery tomorrow for a big All Saints Day celebration. There are a lot of hispanic families in the area and it seems this holiday is finally coming into awareness of most of the population. At the cemetary on that day you often find people picnicing and decorating. I am of Irish descent but as a child my grandparents would take us to do exactly this many weekends in the summer, nd then the cemetary folks got really uncomfortable with the idea and we had to stop. To me the whole festival is like old home week- exactly as I was raised to believe. On the day of the Angelitos I set out a special plate for my lost babies, and know that they are smiling down with so many other little ones.

Not dressing up for Halloween here, but instead spending the night in divination ( tarot cards and more) to see what the ancestors have to say to me,