Wednesday, July 01, 2009

PHASE II and Completed Challenge

I've made it. I successfully completely Phase 1 of the Fat Smash Diet! I got on the scale this morning it said 183... that's 8 pounds in 9 days. I don't think the scale at Weight Watcher's will be that generous but that's okay, 8 pounds is to much to lose in a big chunk anyway. I haven't been eating as much as I should... I've been trying to force myself... I barely finish 1/2 of my points if that. Either way, I've been eating what I'm suppose too and exercising every weekday.

Today is day one of Phase 2, so I upped my exercise to 35 minutes, also now instead of just power walking - I alternate power walking with jogging. Every light post, pole, or tree I alternate between the two. It was quite a workout. I did 1.79 miles in 35 minutes. My goal is 2 miles in 35 minutes. I got some hills in, so it was a good workout.

I'm looking forward to dinner today, I'm going to have a piece of lean steak, a side salad, and a 1/4 of Avocado. Hopefully, I'll be able to eat. I was feeling okay this morning. I had a banana smoothie. I skipped putting yogurt into it. I tried that yesterday and wasn't to happy with the taste. Now, I'm starting to feel all knotty inside... I'm going to try to have some beans for lunch... but I don't know.

Anywho... for those of you who are interested here's Phase 2:

PHASE 2: Foundation
Duration: 3 weeks
Meals: 4-5 daily along with nightly snack
Exercise: 10-15% more than phase 1 (30 minutes is now 35 minutes)

Still fruits and vegetables are limitless, food list is the same as phase 1 with slight changes and additional foods.

Vegetables and grains:
·Bok choy
·Collard greens
·Dark green leafy lettuce
·Romaine lettuce
·Acorn squash
·Butternut squash
·Sweet potatoes
·Black beans
·Black-eyed peas
·Kidney beans
·Green peas
·Lima beans
·Bean sprouts
·Brussel sprouts
·Green beans
·Green/red peppers
·Brown rice 2 cups of cooked rice every other day (if desired)
·Avocado ½ per day maximum

NOTE: (Regarding following lists) These are total servings allowed per day; eat your servings during any meal you choose.

Meats 3-4 oz. (size of a deck of playing cards)
·Chicken: baked without skin (NO FRIED!)
·Turkey: baked without the skin
·Ground beef: EXTRA lean or ground sirloin, broiled
·Sirloin steak, broiled
·Lamb, broiled

·Halibut, Tuna, Salmon, Snapper, Stripped Bass, etc.: 3ox. (NO FRIED!)
·Shrimp: 4 large
·Mussels: 3oz
·Oysters: 6-12
·Clams: 3

·4 egg whites plus 1 whole egg; scrambled, boiled, or poached

Milk & Cheese
·2 ½ cups of low-fat, skim, or soy milk
·Cheese: 1oz (about 1.5 slices)
·6oz. low fat yogurt (2 times per day)

Cold unsweetened 1 ½ cups per day
Hot ½ cup per day
·Corn flakes
·Farina/Cream of wheat
·Bran flakes
·Rice Crispies
·Puffed wheat
·Shredded wheat
·Special K

·4 tsp of granulated sugar (or sugar substitute)

Spices & Herbs
·As much as you like except Salt is limited to 2 tsp

·2 tbsp of fat-free dressing
·Extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp
·1 tbsp of fat-free mayo
·2 pats of butter (two teaspoons)

·1 10oz. cup of coffee
·3 cups of tea
·5 cups of club soda
·2 cans of diet soda
·1 cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice (you can divide this up into ½ cup servings)
·Ice tea sweetened only with 3 packets of sugar substitute
·Lemonade made with real lemons and 2 packets of sugar substitute or 2 tsp of granulated sugar
·Flavored seltzer or tonic water unlimited
·Unlimited tap or bottled water!

·White rice
·White potatoes
·Bread/English muffins
·White pasta or white wheat pasta
·White flour
·Ice cream
·Potato chips/corn chips/Tortilla chips/popcorn
·Fried food
·Fast food
·Regular soda
·Sweetened juices from a bottle or can
·CafĂ© latte or cappuccino

·Don’t eat the same fish or meat twice in the same day
·Try to separate the meats by at least a meal
·Try to leave some of the food on your plate when you get up from the table
·Try to do some physical activity after eating dinner (at least 20 minutes)
·Only snack on fruits and veggies after dinner
·Remember portion size: less is more!

I almost forgot to mention... I completed a Challenge. I always join challenges but never finish them. This time I finished! I joined in Jack Sh*T's Half Ass Half Pound Challenge... and I did it. I lost over a half pound!... LOL

Here's My Reward:


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Congratulations !!! It is a nice but shocking sort of loss. It tends to happen to a lot of people with the first week or phase of any program , so don't stress. More important is the non scale victory in finishing the phase . I think you will win with this one !

Rosie said...

I'm following the Fat Smash Diet and also counting points... I haven't been eating very much. I'm talking about a banana, cup of milk, and a cup of grapes the whole day... I need to focus on eating more - my nervous are just so jacked up right now. But I'll still take the lower number.

I am super pumped about completing Phase 1. I've attempted The Fat Smash Diet before and haven't been able to complete Phase 1. I guess in the past I didn't have so much riding on my weight loss...

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That's not your reward, silly. That's just recognition of your accomplishment. Reward is your own stanza in the JSKAHAHAPC commemorative poem on Friday.

They tell me a girl always remembers her first completed weight loss challenge...

skinnyhollie said...

I am so happy for you, girlie! I tried fat smash a long time ago and had the book listed on eBay after about 10 pages - I didn't think I could EVER do it. Funny, but when reading your food list, it's basically the same foods I eat now, lol.

YOU keep rockin' it!

Rosie said...

JACK SH*T: Ohhh well having something saying I completed a challenge is a reward to me... and of course a girl always remembers her first!

Rosie said...

HOLLIE: It is a tough diet, I tried it before and failed but that was because I didn't want to change the foods I ate, but still lose weight. I'm kicking ass with it this time of course I'm fighting a MAJOR depression right now... so that could do with my I'm losing so much weight quickly. Anywho... after I got through the detox all this is super easy... I'm no longer craving junk food... well as of late I don't crave anything... but especially junk food.