Monday, July 20, 2009

Almost into Phase 3...

Saturday night I got a really bad cramp in my left leg and since them it's been slightly bothering me but not enough to stop me from jogging. I went this morning and didn't do too bad... 1.77 miles in 35 minutes.

Tomorrow's the last day of Phase 2 of The Fat Smash Diet... then it's Phase 3 baby! Phase 3 lasts four weeks... I increase my exercise time from 35 minutes to 45. After Phase 3 that's when I'm going to see a personal trainer. I've already talked to him about it. He's an old co-worker of mine. I didn't want to see him too soon until I seen results on my own.

I got on the scale this morning and it said 172.5... of course let's keep in mind my scale does love me very much and sometimes just says a lower number to make me feel good... so I'm not sure how accurate it was today... but seeing that low number did make me feel good. I plan to be under 170 by my July 30th weigh-in. Ross will be back that weekend and when he seems me I want to shock him again.

I've finally starting to ingrow my clothes. I say ingrow not outgrow cause they're fitting big. I wore a pair of pants yesterday that at one point I had to stop wearing because they were too tight. Yesterday I had to wear a belt... MY DAUGHTER'S BELT AT THAT! They worked for yesterday, but I don't think I'll be wearing them again.

Today both my top and bottom are too big. My bottoms are lose but not lose enough to get rid of them yet. My top I just brought not too long ago it fit pretty good... now it's dancing on me.
Seen Ross' reaction Friday night is motivation to keep going... even if I'm depressed while he's gone. I'm determined to get myself in tip top shape really in hopes of us getting back together, but also for myself. I feel better when I look in the mirror... it's a nice feeling not having rolls of fat sticking through my shirts... and not being forced to wear babydoll shirts to hide my belly.

I'm not thin yet, but my body shape is changing and that's such a great feeling.

When I started at 196.2 my BMI was 34.8 now at my last official weigh-in 174.4 puts me at a BMI of 30.9 I'm 1. away from being out of the obese range, and into the overweight category... that's quite an accomplishment! I'm proud of myself...

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