Friday, July 03, 2009

Dropping Weight Like A Hot Potato...

Nothing much to report on this end... still on program, I'm going to drop this weight like a hot potato! I've decided that when I do get back eating I'm not going to use my activity points nor my 35 flex points until I reach goal... as long as I stick to healthy foods I should be fine.

I got on the scale this morning and already it said 181.0 of course I was naked.

Food wise today, not to bad... got 6 glasses of water in so far, have also used up 9 points... and I have protein today which is a good think. I noticed I'm getting weaker with my runs... today for the first time I jogged slower then before. I slept longer but still tossed and turned.

I didn't workout yesterday, so I need to make up for it tomorrow. I didn't work today, so I spent this morning earning some cleaning activity points. I just went to see the movie Public Enemies... I love Johnny Depp... LOVE HIM! But I wasn't convinced he was John Dillinger. I prefer Mark Harmon as Dillinger in the movie he made about a decade or so ago.

Anywho... this evening will be spent making room in my closet for more clothes I need to get organized. I'm having my daughter go through all the clothes with me and give me her opinion... the clothes that don't made the cut is getting trashed. After that I'll be cleaning the bathroom... this morning I started a deep cleaning in there.

Well, I'm off to start pulling my clothes out of my closet...

Happy Weekend and Losing...

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