Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is another quick post... we didn't go on our 20 mile ride today... we would of had to get up at 6am to leave due to the heat, but didn't wake up until 7:30. I'm kind of glad... I've been working out all week and yesterday we did the long ride, today I wanted to rest my body - but Ross' wants to get into biking to build up his legs and I want to encourage him to do that, so that's why I agreed on biking both days. If we would of I would of totally been tired and suffering next week... your body needs at least one day to rest.

I got on the scale this morning... it said... are you ready for this?! 186.8! Of course that's not my official weigh-in, but it's still nice to hop on a scale and see a lower number. My body fat it says 36.5%. I'm not sure who accurate that is.

It's going to be another GREAT on program day... I had a 1pt omelette for breakfast and for dinner we're having kabobs made with different colored bell peppers, marinated tofu, onion, and pineapple... it's an experiment - I'll let you know how it works out.

Happy Losing...


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Way to go ! So happy that you have seemed to find what is working for you with this. Stalling and gaining can be so incredibly frustrating and soul sucking !

Rosie said...

Thank you, Thank you... I think I was lacking motivation.

You're right, it can be soul sucking... I'm still a little frustrated that I'm working right now on losing weight I had lost a few months ago, but I guess that's all part of this journey.