Monday, June 29, 2009

Only A Few More Days Of Detoxing

So far I've collected 7 Stars! I'll be at the second hand in no time. I had a great weekend on program. Yesterday, I had 9 points left over plus the 1 earned from going on a little walk. I've been eating good and all the time, just eating the food that's on the fat smash diet list... I can't seem to get all my points in. I'm going to try today to use up all my points. I don't want my body to get use to eating so few points...

Yesterday, I used the day to rest... which my body needed and still needs, I went to bed way past my bed time last night and this morning didn't do as well on my walk... only 1.54 miles, my only excuse is that it was sort of in a hilly area, and I've some sort of cough that's mostly dry and kept me up most of the night. I guess the important thing here is that I got up and out this morning and got the workout done.

I'm not feeling too good today, I'm extremely nervous over a certain situation that has my stomach in constant knots... right now it's so bad I feel like vomiting.

I have only a few more days of Detoxing - The Fat Smash Diet's Phase 1... then I'll be moving to Phase 2 - Foundation... which I'll be add back some food into my diet like avocado and poultry and fish, I'll also be increasing my exercise by 5 minutes. I'm excited about additional foods, but really the increase of exercise.

I feel great about this detox, I'm doing it with grace really no struggling - as the days go one the cravings get easier and easier to deal with. Even getting up in the morning to exercise is okay... if I could only get rid of this cough that now has my head all stuffy.

Well, I'm going to go now... not feeling so well and I have a feeling if I keep going on it's going to turn into random nervous/sick babble...

Have a Happy Losing Day!


Alessia said...

best of luck on your "33 by 33" goal!

You can do it!

And good luck getting through detox :)

Rosie said...

Thank you... I think I'm doing good so far... my detox is almost done today's the last day :)