Friday, May 29, 2009

One Day Down

Thursdays are my weigh-in days... since I've been falling on the wagon every week - Thursdays are my fresh start days... the probably is lately I haven't even been getting through Thursday with out missing something water, vitamin, going over on my points, etc.

Yesterday, I drank all my water, took my vitamin, and stay with in my points. I did go over 3, but earned 4 from all the walking I did... I kicked ass yesterday.

Today I'm not doing bad, I just had my last meal. I'm using up some of my flex points today... it's the first day of TOM and I'm starving... I'm going to use about 10 points, but will probably earn back a few before bed.

Ross and I are going camping this weekend, we're leaving early in the morning... can't wait to get there. I've brought some fat free pringles, and some fruit to take with us for snacks... I've got chicken and veggies to make shish kabobs... and tomorrow we're gonna pick up some thinly sliced steak and other supplies for a healthy romantic camping trip... speaking of the trip - I've better get going got lots of stuff to do before tomorrow morning...

Happy Weekend!


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Have a great time camping !

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Have a great time camping !

Rosie said...

Thank you Di. I wish we would of left sooner... but he has somethings to do here in town first... but I'll take even a taste of camping.