Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Bee

It's been a crazy week... an example of my days...

- I got up about 6amish
- Showered
- Got dressed for work
- Went to my mothers
- Changed her ice
- Replaced her water
- Put her Meals On Wheels box out
- Brought her stuff for her lunch
- Went to work
- Worked full 8 hours plus some
- Came home
- Went to my mothers
- Took her a sponge bath in her bed
- Get her dressed and settled in
- Helped her divide her pills up for the week
- Came home and went to sleep...

I didn't get to bed until close to mid-night.

- I got up at about 6amish
- Got dressed
- Caught bus to WW meeting
- Attended meeting
- Caught bus across town
- Checked my PO Box
- Went to 99 Cents Only store
- Did shopping for both myself and my mother
- Carried 6 bags on bus home full of food and household needs
- Went to my mothers
- Fed her lunch
- Went home
- Snuck in 20 minute nap
- Walked to the market area
- Went to store to pick up a few items for a box I'm sending
- Went to market for some fruits and vegetables
- Went to Walgreens to pick up a few items and my mother's meds
- Walked down about five blocks to other market for more fruits and veggies
- Walked back to Walgreens to pick up something I forgot
- Walked home and now taking a quick break to update.

So far today I've walked (according to my pedimeter) 11,987 steps - that's 4.92 miles.

I stink, I want to take a shower and relax the rest of the day... but I'm only 1/2 way done... here's what I have left...

- Journal food I've had so far
- Figure out walking goal for this week
- Get things together to make dinner
- Figure out what's going to go to my mother's
- Go to my mother's
- Start dinner over there
- Clean her portable potty
- Clean her kictchen
- Her living room - sort bags on couch
- Clean bathroom
- Clean up mess in her room
- Come home
- Clean kitchen
- Straighten some in living room
- Start in bedroom

My home total cleaning time is 2 hours. I would like to get all this done before 8pm - Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy on tonight.

I'm burnt and did I mention I had a two pound gain this week... agh. I'm back to 190 - FUCK.

Well... I've better go get started!

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