Sunday, May 03, 2009


This weekend was sort of a bust... I went off my detox, but I'm back on tomorrow morning. I used up all my flex points, earned some activity points, and also Thursday I only had 12 points so some of those points were used this weekend. I shouldn't do it like that but this week I'll have too.

This weekend was suppose to be a relaxing detoxing weekend with my SugarBooger, but it didn't turn out that way... both his tenants in his duplex moved out... and my mother ended up injuring her back horribly... so we spend the weekend cleaning up his duplex and me caring for my mother... it's was very stressful... she can be demanding.

I stressed and stressed and well... I ate. I ate and ate... I ate things that were def not detox food... meat, chocolate, sugar, bread, tortillas... etc. I did however track and got a good amount of exercise in. I didn't count all the cleaning I did as exercise, instead I only counting the walking.

Well, I'm pretty tired and I have an early day tomorrow... so I've better hit the hay... Good Night... and here's to a losing Monday!


Mrs. Sheila said...

You will get there. Don't fret on "life" happening!

Natasha said...

All you can do is start fresh and forgive yourself for the past. Sounds like a stressful weekend. Hopefully this week is much quieter.

Rosie said...

MRS.SHEILA: I know I will, that's why I just keep hanging in there, and when I fall off the wagon I climb back on.

NATASHA: Yes, I agree. I try to live with no regrets but learn from my mistakes. Thank you for the well wishes.