Monday, May 03, 2010

Getting Thin in 20-10

Saturday I rejoined Weight Watchers for the 100th and 1 time. This time weighing a lot less than most other times... at 176.8.

What am I going to do differently this time:

Exercising: Which is something I rarely did before. I'm aiming for five days a week, 30 minute cardio workout. I do a lot of walking as it is, and even though it's moving I don't think it really counts as working out.

Diet Balancing: This is something I need more work on. I'm aiming to have a better balance of carbs and proteins and less sugar. Also have smaller meals... because we all know our bodies break up smaller meals easier than if we just have the standard 3 large meals a day.

Incentive: This is my favorite... I'm paying myself to lose weight. For the longest I've been wanting to upgrade my outdated drug store make-up and move up to the big girls stuff - MAC. But something always comes up and when I do have a little extra cash I end up using it for something else. I'm also in DESPERATE need of some new glasses. I cracked my frames and have to keep gluing them together every few days... so I started a MAC Make-up/Glasses/Contacts fund...

Pound Lost = $3
Point Saved = $1
Activity Point Saved = $.75
Flex Point Saved = $.50
Work Out = $.25
6 Glasses of Water Drank = $.25
Full Day of Journaling = $.25

I'm excited... Summer is almost here, and this time I'm starting about 20 pounds less... that means I'll start looking good sooner. I start feeling good (big headed) about my body about 160... that's only 16 pounds away!

So far this week... I've done pretty good. I sort of started off on the wrong foot... but I've got most of my balance back and feel optimistic about this week. I went to my first meeting Saturday morning. I decided to use all my flex points this weekend - due to lack of meal planning Saturday, and Sunday being my brother's death anniversary and me taking him Taco Bell and having lunch with him. I went over yesterday by 16 points and didn't have enough water.

Today, I'm making up for the water... and the 16 points I'm sure I'll make up in activity points. I have 1 earned so far today. I'm very close to my 2nd one... and after my workout that should be at least another.

By the end of the week I'll have made up the 16 points.

So far in my Vanity (MAC Make-up/Glasses/Contacts savings) Fund - I have $1.50! WWooooHoooo!

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