Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday

It's been a crazy day today... I feel unorganized all the way around. Let's see... let me get my thoughts together... okay:

Weight in Saturday I'm down 1.8 :o) I was hoping for more but that's almost a 2 pound loss!

My Vanity fund is up to $28.75!

It was a shameful eating weekend. I went way over board. I've been allowing myself free weekends... and I don't think that works best for me. I can get crazy and greedy... Saturday I had 94 points, Sunday 67 points! Today wasn't much better...

I'm working on my 4th week and I'm only down 2 pounds. Something isn't right here... I need to make some changes. Maybe I need to stop mixing Weight Watchers with The Fat Smash foods... I don't know...

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