Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mid-Week Blues and Get Up

Reviewing last week's journal - I journaled all week but over ate all week long. This week's an improvement but I seem to be over eating for the last two days, plus today. I didn't extremely well Saturday, but started over eating Sunday (Sunday was excused due to the holiday) and kept on overeating into Monday, Tuesday, and now today. I've got to nip this in the butt RIGHT

NOW. I have 2 more days to save this week... and I can do it! I will do it!
Yesterday was the craziest of all days... I walked 12.99 miles, earning a whooping 12 activity points, but at 83 points through out the day! My daily allowance is 26! I ate over 3 times more than I should of!

No one is perfect, we just have to realize our mistakes and fix them ASAP. On a positive note... I worked out twice last week and this week I've already worked out twice... and I plan on getting two more workouts in before Saturday.

Today I'm already over 6 points. I stressed out and splurged on sweets. My cousin's ex-wife called me to tell me a possible long lost cousin contacted her via facebook. We're still trying to clear everything up... but in the end if true might turn out to be a blessing.

Nothing I can do about going over my points today or for the past few days. All I can do now is pick up the pieces, eat light the rest of today and start all new tomorrow!

So far this week in my Vanity Fund I've earned 3.25... my goal is to beat last week's grand total of 5.35.

As of now my Vanity Fund Balance is $8.60!

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