Monday, May 10, 2010


I weighted in Saturday... with a slight loss... but heck a loss is a loss so I'm celebrating! Down .2! I'm officially 176.6... Of course I could of done a lot better this weigh in but considering the week I had I was happy with what I got.

This week I'm on track. I decided to start the Fat Smash Diet food list, but still count points. I stuck to program Saturday... I'm allowed 26 points daily... I had 25, drank all my water, and ate pretty balanced.

Yesterday, being Mother's Day I chose to have a free day... I journaled but had planned on eating freely for dinner. I stuck to my Fat Smash Diet food until dinner time. I took my mother to have Greek food... it was my first time having Greek. I have no idea what I ate, but tried to decipher it when trying to figure out points. I figured I used up 24 on the food alone. I might be over estimating but it's better to be over than under - right? After dinner we took a long stroll, well I strolled and she rode (wheelchair bound) a mile back to the train station... close to the train station we stopped and I had a guilt-free Sundae at Dreyers... the best, most satisfying Sundae I've had in a long time...

Even though my daughter choice not to spend Mother's Day with me (long story), it turned out to be a nice slow uneventful mother's day with my mother...

This morning I'm back on track and ready to kick fat's ass! I'm back on Fat Smash Diet food and detoxing again today... so far I've had an egg white omelet with mushrooms and salsa topped with Louisiana hot sauce... so good.

For lunch it's beans, with low fat yogurt substituting for sour cream, and more Louisiana hot sauce...

Here's last week's breakdown:

- I lost .2 of a pound
- Didn't save any points
- Worked out 2 times
- Drank all my water except for 3 glasses
- Journaled all week long
- Earned 54 Activity points

Last week's Vanity Fund total = $5.35!

And so far this week I've already earned $1.00 putting my Vanity Fund Grand Total at =$6.35!


Belle said...

yay! it's good to see you back in action. i back and more determined than ever. this is going to be our year. :)

Rosie said...

It is going to be our year Belle! Thank you for the welcome back, I was afraid no one read my blog anymore.

We're going to do it this year!