Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mid-Week Report

I'm not feeling good this week... not feeling very losing optimistic. I'm flat broke, waiting for my payroll to get processed... I'm owed for all of December and January... I'm stuck eating Top Ramen and Dollar Tree food this week - not the best when you're trying to lose weight.

To top off my week... I walked past my gym that I haven't been to in a few weeks... and it shut down for good January 29th! That totally bummed me. It's close to my house and was only $25.00 a month. I might check out the YMCA by my job... if they have showers and are open early morning I might be able to join there... I forgot to go by there today at lunch time. I'll do it Friday.

On the upside... my paycheck should be coming, I'm hoping Friday and then I'll have rent and grocery money again... YYYIIPPPEEE!!! I'm going to stock up on salad stuff. I'm going to write out a menu first, that's what I'm going to do it.

I have to find a new way to exercise until I find a gym... after Christmas I found a Tony Little Gazelle in the dumpster, brought it upstairs and it works... I guess I'll be using that for now. I still have to get my treadmill fixed.
Tomorrow's weigh-in, I'm just gonna go get it over with.


denise said...

Don't get discouraged - I know it feels like it's a long road sometimes....

My fav exercise is jumping on my mini-trampoline, but if you're broke find a friend to go walking with, or try downloading some free yoga podcasts or stuff on youtube.

The way I lost weight - almost 10kgs so far and counting is by eating real, fresh food wherever possible. For me that was a salad with EVERY meal, fruit for snacks and then making fresh juices with my blender and juicer.

I didn't join a gym because I didn't want to spend the money!

You can download a free copy of my ebook from my site if you're interested - I explain a bit more. - not just for brides, anyone can benefit.

Good luck and keep blogging - it's really motivating for people to read your story!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Hang in there Rosie ! I thought you had dropped out of blog land, but glad to see yo0u are back.When the going gets tough, the solution is thinking out of the box. Use what you have to it's best advantage, keep your eyes open for new opportunities and some how you will get there !

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Hua said...

Hey Rosie,

Don't be discouraged. I'm sure things will pick up and work out for the better!

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