Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So far, so good this week. I sneaked on the scale this morning... it said 171.5! I don't know how true that loss is... my scale as some of you might remember loves me dearly and sometimes likes to be nice by displaying lower numbers... but it sure was nice to see 171.5 again.

I've been really good and on program this week... I really wanted to do the Fat Smash Diet foods but was also feeling deprived. So I compromised... on the weekends I eat what I want, but count points. I just make sure not to have more than my daily and allowed flex points... the rest of the week I'm Fat Smashing it and still counting points. This is my first week trying this... and it seems to be working for me. I've been staying within my daily points range and haven't used any of my activity points for the past few days.

My only downfall this week is I haven't exercised at all... but I do get a lot of walking in so I'll probably still earn my 28 points even if I don't do a single workout... if I do one today, tomorrow, and Friday that'll still be an improvement from the past couple of weeks...

I think I'll be at 160 way before the 4th of July... HOTTNESS HERE I COME!

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