Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting Ready...

I'm getting ready for tomorrow... big day... detoxing time. I got home late today from grocery shopping... going to start cooking some beans and rice in a bit.

Tomorrow's weigh-in and I don't know what the scale will say... but whatever it says it's okay because I'm starting my detoxing and am going to be carrying my food with me for now on. I think this is going to work out. If I don't carry any money with me when I'm out and about and instead carry my lunch box full of healthy food... I have no excuses.

Now the challenge is going to be getting prepared the night before. I think if I cook beans and rice every three days I should be okay. I went and picked up some salad greens, yams, and plain yogurt... tomorrow I'll have to pick up a few vegetables.

I'm ready to smash some fat!

Tomorrow I'll be posting a picture and some new measurements.

Well, I've better get going if I'm going to be ready tomorrow morning.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

If it helps, know you can cook both beans and rice and freeze them in whatever portion sizes you desire. Just pull them out the night before and they will be ready to eat by lunchtime. I belong to a freezer cooking loop ( where people do this all the time. You can spend one day cooking enough beans and rice for a month of lunches, put them in single serve portions , freeze and be ready for a whole month. And congratulations- it sounds like you have found the winning strategy for following your plan !

Rosie said...

I'm going to try freezing some, but not too many... I'm bad with frozen stuff... I freeze with good intentions... but never defrost. It'll sit in my freezer for months and months until it's all freezer burned out and I have to toss it. :( I'm working on that... I froze a half of pot of soup and I've been taking it out of the freezer slowly.

This is going to work. I refuse to give up... I'll keep trying over and over until I get it right.

I think I read this on Hollie's blog... "I haven't failed because I haven't given up"... I think that in mind especially now that I've been going to opposite way on the scale.

TwentyTwo said...

It's good to see another Smasher and blogger online. Good luck!

Rosie said...


I like the Fat Smash Diet... just don't do well with no limits so I'm combining the two. I think it's a great program.

Smasher... I like that.