Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I truly believe there is a connection between my being over-weight and my clutter issues... both are emotional. And also one is empowering the other... I sometimes overeat due to clutter stress, but when I over eat I gain weight which in turn causes me to buy more stuff.

Huh, did that make any sense?

Regardless I think I'd feel better and be better able to focus on all my goals if I had less clutter in my home distracting me.

I'm currently working in my kitchen. I'm on a roll tonight tossing away things left and right... I cleaned out my freezer and got ride of 1/2 of what was in there... I'm clean out the refrigerated part... and WOW... I'd say 4/5 of everything is gone from there. It had been awhile - but I also go rid of things like BBQ Sauce which I never use and things like that.

The biggest thing(s) I got rid of were the baking stuff... left over frosting, icing, and decorating sugar... some of it had been in there over a year... huh a couple of things two years. Every once in a while when fiending I'd go in there and take a spoon full or two, or three, or four, or...

I feel good about tossing it all out... now my frig is on it's way to being clean and healthy. The only thing in there right now that isn't so healthy is garlic bread in the freezer... but it's just a box... and I'm saving it to serve with my high-fiber pasta sometime.

I'm excited about making progress today decluttering and getting my body moving doing housework.

Tomorrow is weigh-in and honestly I don't know how I truly did this week... I have a feeling either I'll stay the same or have a slight gain... whatever it is... I'm not giving up.

I'm feeling a better and I know I'm moving in the right direction to lose this weigh!


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Fridge clutter- you have reminded me. I have had a bottle of hot sauce sitting in mine for 5 years now. I bought it for a one time recipe and that was the only time it was ever used. I keep forgetting to toss it. That and a bottle of mint sauce that sneak in one day. I never have any big clutter, but those one or two items that get used once and then lurk till they are close to being antiques

skinnyhollie said...

I also feel like clutter is directly related to weight gain. I know that when I am eating like crap, my house tends to look like crap. But when I'm eating well, I usually have more energy to pick up and straighten my house.

Have you ever read the book "Body Clutter"?

Rosie said...

DI: I got rid of it all... I had things in there that expired in February. I had a bottle of vinegar I had in there since I moved in here in 2004! My mother said vinegar never goes bad, but I know after 5 years I'm not going to touch it... lol.

Hollie: Body Clutter? No I'm going to have to check it out. I think my house being cluttered is stressing me which makes me eat more... I'm working on decluttering now... making some progress.