Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Excited and Ready

I went to Walgreens this morning and spend about 30 minutes trying to decide which lunch box was for me... I decided on this one. I had seen it a couple of weeks ago before I thought about carrying my food around with me all day. I liked it when I first seen it but decided against buying it because I'm trying to declutter... since then I seen another one at Walgreens that I like, so today I couldn't make up my mind when I seen the two... I went for this one... it's a bit more compact but still gives a lot of room actually I think a lot more than the other one. I also like the around shape on top. It felt thicker than the other one, plus it was $2.00 cheaper...

Tomorrow I'll be doing some shopping and Thursday starting phase one of the Fat Smash Diet and counting my regular Weight Watcher points...

The Fat Smash Diet

PHASE 1: Detox
Duration: 9 days
Meals: 4-5 daily along with nightly snack
Exercise: 30 minutes a week five days a week of cardiovascular exercise (any five days you choose)

·Do not skip meals
·Nightly snacks must be small/light
·Food can ONLY be eaten raw, grilled, or steamed.
·You’re allowed 3 tablespoons of low-fat dressing on your salads.
·If you’re grilling your veggies, use a minimal amount of virgin olive oil (one or two teaspoons)

8am... Meal #1
11am... Meal #2 (heavy snack)
2pm... Meal #3
5pm... Meal #4 (light snack)
7pm... Meal #5
8pm... Light Snack

·Snack ideas: Frozen seedless grapes, frozen banana
·Eat foods high in fiber.
·Never eat within a hour and a half before going to bed.
·Try to go for a 20-25 minute walk after dinner

·All fruits in any quantity
·All vegetables in any quantity, EXCEPT: NO WHITE POTATOS, NO AVOCADOS
·Good Protein: chickpeas, bean, tofu, lentils
·Brown rice 2 cups of cooked rice per day
·2 cups of low-fat or skim or soy milk per day
·As much water as you like, minimal 8 cups
·Oatmeal 1 cup per day
·All herbs and spices
·6 oz. Low-fat yogurt (2 times per day)
·4 egg whites per day
·2 cups of herbal tea per day

·White rice
·Bread all types
·Dried and preserved fruits
·Ice cream
·Soda regular or diet
·Coffee and all coffee drinks
·Sports drinks
·Whole eggs or yolks
·Fast food
·Fried food

Cardio Fat Burning:
Work out with your heart rate in the fat-burning zone: 50-70% of maximum heart rate. Subtract your age from 220 to find your maximum heart rate. Then multiply that number by .50 – this will give you the minimum heart rate you should maintain while performing your physical activity. Then take your maximum heart you should maintain while performing your physical activity. Then take your maximum heart rate and multiply it by .70 – this is the upper range for maximal fat burning.

Example: (40-year-old person)
220 - 40 = 180 (maximum heart rate)
180 x .50 = 90 (lower limit or minimal fat-burning range)
180 x .70 = 126 (upper limit of maximal fat – burning range)

Range during exercise for maximal fat burning: 90-126 beats per minute


Anyone wanna join me?

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