Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back On

I lost a pound this week... 1 pound exactly. I'm back on the wagon after gaining for 2 weeks. It was my first week tracking using the 3-month journal. I like it. I feel obligated to journal because I don't want any blank journal pages.

I journaled everyday, now I just need to work on journaling right when I'm putting the food in my mouth instead of later in the evening or night when my memory is a bit fuzzy.

My main goal for the week was to journal the whole. I did it! I also took my multivitamin everyday.

My downfall for the week is I didn't get enough water in, but I did however improve in my water drinking. I also need to work on staying with in points.

Points: 175 points - 210 points plus activity points
Fruits & Veggies: 35 servings
Milk: 14 servings
Oil: 14 teaspoons
Liquids/Water: 42 8oz servings
Lean Protein: 14 servings
Whole Grains: Yes
Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement: Yes
Activity Points: 28

Points: 314 points plus activity points
Fruits & Veggies: 19 servings
Milk: 11 servings
Oil: 14 teaspoons
Liquids/Water: 26 8oz servings
Lean Protein: 10 servings
Whole Grains: No
Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement: Yes
Activity Points: 5

Overview of last week...
*I'm a super star when it comes to eating my points. No problem there.
*My Fruits & Veggies need to improve a some.
*Milk servings are pretty good... I could of cut some of the Easter candy out and gotten some dairy in... and bet if I would of cut some of the candy out I probably would of had less points for the week... funny how that works, huh.
*I don't think I have to work on my oils right now. I get enough fat in with all the other foods I've been eating... I think once I move over to very lean and whole foods then I'll have to concentrate on getting more oil/fat in my diet.
* I was doing so good with my water in the beginning of the month, then I feel off the horse... funny thing I've been thirsty... just too lazy to get up and drink some water.
* My Proteins good... I've been eating a lot of beans this week. Beans and Pico De Gallo... sooooo good and low in points. I was just a few servings short this week.
* I didn't eat a lot of breads this week so I didn't say yes to Whole Grains everyday... I did have Oatmeal for breakfast... does that count?
* I kicked ass with the multivitamin servings. I have a problem taking adult multivitamins, they're too strong for my stomach, so I take a liquid multivitamin I love it... it's called Emergen-C ( Check out their website and get free samples. I do feel more energetic when I take my vitamins, but not like a scary caffeine (I don't drink caffeine) rush.
* I don't think I told you but I got a bike on Sunday. I'll have to post pictures soon... so I should start getting some activities points in very soon! I got a Vintage 3-Speed American Eagle... so cute!

I just started reading a new book I'll have to share about it tomorrow... also I tried the new Fling candy bar today. Reviews coming soon... maybe tomorrow...

NOTE TO SELF: Tell them about the book, Fling candy bar, and PB2...

Well, I think I've blabbed enough today. So I'm going to get going now... wish you all a losing week.

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