Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two Charms Added

I weighed in this afternoon... 6 pounds gone! Very close a third way to reaching my 10%! I can't believe it!

I came up with this great idea, inspired by Weight Watcher's reward keyring and charms. When I joined Weight Watchers again I brought a plain charm bracelet... every time I reach a 5 pound loss, or milestone I add a charm... I'm not allowed to purchase the charm (unless it's a rare one to find, like my HALF WAY TO GOAL charm... I brought that one already, but it's saved so when I'm ready to add it) until I've reached my mini goal. It's my way of rewarding myself and also as long as I'm wearing the bracelet it's a reminder of how well I'm doing and to keep me motivated.This weigh-in I get to add two charms... one to celebrate my first weight loss, and another to celebrate that I reached a 5 pound loss.

I've done Weight Watcher's before, so I know that every week isn't going to be this great. I might not ever have another week with such a huge loss... and that's okay. I feel I'm realistic with the rate I expect to loss, so I'm planning on adding my 10 pound charm before or on October 2. That's three weeks for 4 pounds., that's just a little over a pound a week which is average healthy weight loss.

Well it's time for me to go this time... please make sure to stop on by again soon... I'll be adding a few recipes this weekend, tips, and ideas... this weekend I'm going to try a new recipe stay tuned for pictures and reviews.

Also... I'd love to know who visits here, so please feel free to leave me a comment.

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