Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Eve Before Weigh-In

It's the eve before weigh-in. Once again I've had a fantastic week... I just have to work on getting a regular exercise routine down, but I think I won't start that until I've reached my first 10% loss... for now I just do it when I feel like it, or need to make up points like I had to Monday.

Last week I only had a .2 lost, so I'm a little excited and nervous this week... the last I got on the scale - earlier this week I was 2 pounds less, so I'm hoping Weight Watcher's scale is just as nice... that would put me down to a 8.2 total loss in three weeks... which is great! But for now I'll keep my hopes up for a 1.4 pound loss... and next week another 1.2 pounds off. On the 16th of October, a day before my birthday I'm aiming for 11 pounds to be gone, and on the 23rd - the week of the New Kids On The Block concert I want to be at least at a 12 pound total loss. By the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (holidays weigh-in day will be on Tuesdays) I'm aiming to have shead 15 pounds, and 5 more off by the last weigh-in of the year for me... December 30th.

Okay, let me do one of my favorite things and make a list of my mini goal - dates and losses:

09/25/08 - 7.6 pound loss
10/02/08 - 8.8 pound loss
10/16/08 - 11 pound loss
10/23/08 - 12 pound loss
11/25/08 - 15 pound loss
12/30/08 - 20 pound loss

I think that's pretty realistic. I'm not sure about the last two, those being the holiday weigh-ins... but what I'm going to aim to do this year is make the holidays 1 day events not whole week events. By then I should be on a regular work out schedule so I'll have a few extra points to play with.

I get excited just imagining myself 20 pounds lighter... that's only a 3rd of what I want to lose, but still a 3rd is a big chunk. That would be 4 more charms added to my charm bracelet... a charm for 10 pounds gone, 15 pounds gone, 20 pounds gone, and for reaching my 10 percent... this excites me. I can't wait!


skinnyhollie said...

{{{{sKiNnY vIbEs}}}} for WI tomorrow!

Rosie said...

Thank you... I was up late, and drank water after midnight, so I'm not sure now. :(