Monday, September 22, 2008

3 More Days...

I got three more days until weigh in. I'm excited. Tom has left the building, and I'm ready for weigh-in... this week I'm on program. I used up all my flex points this weekend... not a very smart thing to do, but it was WELL worth it. I went over three points, so I did an hour walk on the treadmill and earned those points back.

I got on the scale this morning and was 1.5 pounds less than my last weigh in... of course I was naked, so I should expect about that much of a loss on Thursday. I'm excited and motivated. I don't know if I mentioned it... but I've already lost over 10% of what I think might be my final goal weight.

I love Weight Watchers, it really works... the trick is staying motivated. Thursday, I'll complete 3 weeks on program and so far my excitement hasn't died down. I feel like I did when I first tried Weight Watchers in 2000. I was super pumped until I reached my 10%.

I think what happened was that I was expecting what I was told was going to happen. I thought I was going to have a consultation with my group leader and we were going to choose my next goal... whether it be another 10%, a medium sized goal... or my final goal. I didn't get anything.

The day I reached my 10% and was presented with my keyring... after the meeting I approached my group leader about setting an appointment with him to discuss my next step. He didn't set a time with me, instead he said why don't you lose another 10% and we'll go from there... I said okay, he said "Okay, theres your consultation." I don't know what else I was expecting to get from the consultation but whatever it was I was expecting more then just a 15 second conversation while he straightened up the center.

It seems once I reached my 10% my excitement and motivated dropped a little and sadly just kept going down from there. This time I refuse to let that happen. This time when I reach my 10% I will let them know I except my full consultation... (whatever that means).

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