Sunday, September 14, 2008

Doing Things Differently

Last week at my Weight Watcher's meeting my leader asked me: What did I do different? How do I feel now that I've lost my first 5 pounds?

It my first week so my success had a lot to do with that. Most of the 6 pounds was probably water weight (but getting rid of water weight also is just fine with me). But also this week on program I really put my heart into it. I journaled everything, I didn't cheat myself by nibbling here and there and not counting it... I got all my water in, and went for a few walks through out the week. But the most important thing I feel that kept me with in my points is that I planned my meals. Or at least mentally I would decide in the morning how I was going to use the majority of my points. I think it truly helped me to know or have an idea of what I was going to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Not once did I stick to my plan to a T but I was close and that was good enough.

I feel great to be back on program, back on track, and in general living a healthier life style. It's nice to have a goal to be working towards. I love trying new healthy combinations of food to waken my taste buds... like chipotle con adobe in a salad - Mmmmm Yum!

My goal(s) this week has been to do just as I did next week: Stay prepared, plan, exercise, and journal. We'll see proof of how it worked this week on Thursday.

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