Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny How Our Mind Works...

Ignore the wording with the virtual mes. The one on the left is my starting weight, and the one on the right is my current weight. I still look the same... don't I.

It's funny how our mind works. I look at the two images and don't see a change... maybe a very slight change, but it could just be my eyes playing tricks on me.

It's the eve of me completing two weeks on program. You might not be able to see any results yet, but I am changing... I can feel it. Physically, I feel stronger, my clothes feel just slightly bigger. My energy level is changing. I feel great... I look in the mirror and I'm even starting to sort of like what I see... (baby steps, baby steps).

Mentally, I also feel stronger. I'm proud of myself... I'm doing it. I'm sticking to program. I'm journaling. I'm counting my points. I'm drinking my water. I'm rocking it! I had a HUGE points day, actually two this week... and I still managed to not completely rock the boat and fall out... I had those days (one planned, one not), and I got over it and moved on... thank goodness for those 35 flex points.

I feel good today, even though I got on the scale this morning and it showed a gain (which might be from eating late last night), I still feel good. Regardless of what the scale said this morning, it's not my officially weigh-in, and even if that shows a gain... I will still stick to program... why? Because I'm in this for the long haul!


Twisted Cinderella said...

Good for you! That is so true! This is a marathon not a sprint. We are in there for our overall goal and little bumps on the road will not stop us!

Rosie said...

It's hard to think that way and stay in that mind frame... this time I'm working on doing it one day at a time.