Monday, September 08, 2008

She's Not Getting My Clothes!!!

My 14 year old daughter's favorite past time is going into my bedroom and digging through my clothes... to see what fits her, and if she can convince me to let her have it. Usually if it's something I've had for years and doesn't fit anymore I'll let her have it. Yesterday, she found a t-shirt... I told her no it still fits me. She said it was too small. I told her it's a fitted t-shirt. She tried it on anyway.

She's much smaller than me... MUCH SMALLER, height and width. She tried it on, and it fit her like a regular t-shirt (non-fitted). She giggled when I tried to convince her I wear it as a fitted t-shirt. 'Mind you she doesn't know I'm doing Weight Watchers again. Finally, we compromised that she can 'borrow' the t-shirt, but if and when the day comes that it fits me right again, I'm reclaiming it.

This morning I tried it on, to see how long more I have to go. It fits now, fitted... just not a comfortable fitted... anyway, I tried it on and it didn't look bad, a tiny bit too fitted for my comfort... I did however notice a big difference in how it felt on me since the last time I tried it on.

I decided to jump on the scale and see if there's a difference at all in my weight since Thursday... I officially weighed on at 196.2 and am now 192 exactly - 4.2 pounds! My scale I think is a little off from Weight Watchers, but hell I can at least expect a 3+ pound loss this week! I can't wait for Thursday!

Happy Monday

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