Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday Weigh-In

I weighed in yesterday, and had a loss - 1 pound. I'm slightly disappointed, I was expecting more considering last week I only had a .2 loss. I thought this week would make up for it, I think it would have if I didn't have water so late at night. I drank a bit of water after mid-night... it was so hot and my throat was so dry, I had too.

Also, I think my nervous stomach had something to do with it. I had a test earlier in the day at school, that I was very nervous about. I don't think my stomach digested my food properly.

Well there's next week. The good thing(s) about this weigh in is I am down a WHOLE pound, and I went down into the lower decade of numbers... :)

This week has gotten off to a rocky start. Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend to Chevy's... since I wasn't really expecting it I wasn't sure what to order. I had fajitas, which I thought was pretty safe... for the day, I ended up using all of my points, plus 22 flex points. I have to save the rest of these points for this weekend and next week. I think I'll get in a few hours of cardio in order to get some extra points to make up for the lack or shortage of flex points.

Well, I've better get running...

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