Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bye-Bye Belly #4

- Don't binge. Regular, non-binge drinkers have less tummy padding than women who drink infrequently but heavily, a Journal of Nutrition study says.

- Avoid carbonation. Fizzy drinks are full of gas - and you will be, too, if you drink them, Beth Schorr-Lesnick, MD, says. The result? A not-so-svelte profile.

- Cut back on energy drinks. Your body turns sugary, caffeine-laden drinks into fat faster than caffeine-free ones, spelling danger for your waistline, one New Zealand researcher notes.

- Don't sip through a straw - you'll swallow extra air, which will show up on your middle, Schorr-Lesnick reveals.

- Next time you're gassy, take activated-charcoal caplets (sold at most drugstores) to keep your tummy from swelling, Schorr-Lesnick says.

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