Wednesday, December 17, 2008


In my 32 years of life, I never noticed any sagging... okay maybe slightly in my breast if I compared them to when I was 17... but that happens. But today in the mirror (in a very unflattering angle if I may add), I noticed MY BUTT IS STARTED TO SAG! I noticed my breast were a little lower last week... I just figured I needed better support .

First my breast now my butt?! I'm assuming it's from the almost 15 pounds that I lost. I haven't lost this much weight in a VERY long time... 2001 maybe. WTF AM I GOING TO DO?! I CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN! I would rather have a big ol'booty and a big old stomach for my saggy breast to sit on.

But I've worked hard to lose these 15 pounds and I love the feeling of fitting in to most larges, more than Ex-larges. I think this is a sign that it's time to get serious about my workouts and tone up. I think I can lift them all up with some good old exercise.

On a better note, last night I was looking in my closet for possible coats I can share with the homeless... it's been beyond super cold over here - snow in the hills cold. We don't get snow in California... especially here by the bay. It just don't happen here, but it's been happening this week. Anyway... I pulled out this coat a co-worker had given me about 5 years ago. It fit snuggly then, so snug that I couldn't wear it comfortably. I would try it on from time to time but it always fit the same... uncomfortably snug. Last night I poured my saggy ass and boobs into it and guess what?! IT FITS! Yes! I couldn't believe it. I'm pumped. Imma start wearing it after new years.

For 2009, since I'm already losing weight - my resolution isn't to lose weight. It's to improve my self image. I'm going to get my home organized, and my closet together... get rid of clothes that aren't flattering and start dressing a little better. In the last few months I've been shopping around and have a nice collection of slacks at thrift stores. Now I just need shoes and a few more sweaters. It's time. I work in a professional environment, my boss dresses nicely and I look like a rundown intern. My hair is usually messy, I wear jeans and running shoes everyday. I'm 32, a full grown adult. It's time I start dressing like one.

Tomorrow's weigh-in. The holidays are tough and I haven't done my best this week but I think there is still hope for a loss. I'm going to stick to program and try to get more water in... I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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