Wednesday, December 03, 2008

it's wednesday...

My excitments been kind of down. Can you tell? I've been feeling blah. I think Thanksgiving wore me out and I'm still trying to recover.

I haven't been very good on program. Yesterday, was the first day I didn't really journal. I remember what I ate, so I'll write it down today. I'm sure I went over my points.

This morning, I was thinking about what was going on with me. What is up with this week. I'm not really stressed. Sunday, Ross and I did watch a history channel documentary thingy about the end of the world, etc... which was pretty scary for me to think about and caused me anxiety for a couple of days. I don't like when people start talking about that, or speak of a bleak future. I like to think positive and dream of a positive future... not that the world we know today is going to turn into hell... anyway...

Even though the show caused a little anxiety, I don't think that has anything to do with my lack of motivation this week. I don't even think it's a lack of motivation... it's a lack of healthy options in my house. I wasn't able to get groceries this week... so Friday or Saturday morning I'm heading to the grocery store and getting my butt back into high weight losing gear.

Now, I just have to work out my exercise situation.

TOM came yesterday, gggrrrr... I got on the scale this morning and it said 182.5 even though it's only showing 1.1 pound for the last two weeks... it means (if my scale is correct) that these past two weeks I've:

- Broken the plateau
- Lost during Thanksgiving
- And am SUPER close to getting my 15 pound loss marker (only 1.3) more to go. Once I get my 15 pound marker I'm well on my way to earning my 10% award! After that I think I'll still be aiming for my mini 5-pound goals and set a medium goal of 17 more pounds. When I hit my 2nd 10% (17 pounds) that'll put me at a tiny bit over 1/2 of my total goal and at a smoking HOT 160.2. I was hot at 160ish. I have a picture of me that weight I'll have to post it later.

Well, I better get going now... I'll be posting a video tomorrow... hopefully.

Happy Losing...


skinnyhollie said...

Wow...a loss over Thanksgiving! You go girl! Thank you for giving me inspiration today. I know you'll reach those goals in NO time!

Rosie said...

I wasn't able to weigh-in today, due to money issues, so I'll have to wait until Saturday morning to go. My scale is so funny... today it said 181.5 which gives me a 2.1 pound loss... hopefully it's right. But really I'll take any loss.