Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye-Bye 2008

I decided that for 2009 I'm not going to make resolutions, instead I'm going to set goals for 2009. If I make resolutions then the first time I mess up I'm going to be angry with myself and quit... but goals are things you work towards achieving. If I mess up it's okay, I can get back up and keep going and it's okay. Goals are a work in progress. I like that idea better. Below I've posted my 2009 Personal Goals (pertaining to weight loss). I've included procrastinating because I think my procrastination effects all areas of my life... I get lazy and stall or I sometimes just allow myself to get distracted very easily. I'm done with that. Also improving my personal image isn't really weight related but sort of... I want to look in the mirror and feel good about myself. Right now I'm sort frumpy. Not just overweight, but also I dress sort of sloppy. I go any ol'way to work... I throw on whatever is clean. I don't want to be that way anymore. I'm currently going to school to further myself in the health industry, I need to start looking the part. I'm work as an Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant. I'm basically the doctor's right-hand-woman. I know my job well. I have five years of experience under my belt, plus a background in management. But I don't feel people take me as seriously because of my appearance. It's sad but true. I want to feel good about myself, and for people to see as the professional that I am. I want to be taken serious. I want to start taking pride in the way I look. I do it during my time off, on the weekends when I'm spending time with Ross or going somewhere with Vi... I should be that caring everyday.

Here are my goals:
- No Procrastinating
- Improve Personal Image
- Reach WW Goal
- Make WW Lifetime
- Get to Personal Goal
- Exercise Everyday 5 days a week

Anyway, tomorrow is the start of a new year, and new beginnings. Here's to 2009!

CHALLENGERS! Our first Holiday challenge is over on Monday the 5th. Please have your weigh-in info to me by the 9th - that's next Friday. Also I'm sending every Challenger a little prize for participating, please send me your final weight and your mailing address if you haven't sent it already. Our new GET HOTT BY VALENTINE'S Challenge starts January 10th, I'll be posting details VERY soon. Let's get ready and get HOTT!

Happy 2009 Everyone!

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