Monday, December 01, 2008

Sad Monday

Yesterday, I went over my points so I'll have to work those used points into my journal for the rest of the week. Yesterday, however I did get my butt moving on the treadmill and did a pretty good walk/run... the most I've done since I started exercising again...2.22 miles in 30 minutes! I went up from about 1.83 since I started either last week or the week before.

This morning Ross looked at my treadmill and declared it out of commission until he can see if he can fix it. I'm not sure if I mentioned it but when I'm on the treadmill the band moves to one side, and now it's all raggedy on the left side. Ross said for me not to use it until he can take a look at it. :( I'm going to clean up the living room today, so tomorrow I can get some exercise in using a video. I have a tae bo dvd, and a few other ones I can use. It won't be the same as going for a walk/run, but exercise is exercise... and the last time I tried tae bo it kicked my butt.

Thursday is weigh-in and I'm pretty confident I'll have a loss. Maybe not what I'm expecting but after being the same weight for 3-4 weeks in a roll, I'll take anything under 183.something.

Today, so far I feel pretty good. We went to bed late, so I slept in since I couldn't use the treadmill. I had my morning shake, and didn't really pack any snacks... I have tons of water drinking to catch up with so I'm doing that until lunch time. I'm not even hungry, I'm trying to get away from snacking just because I have the food and the points to eat it. I've totally cut down on my Fiber One bars, I was addicted to them for a minute there.

Well, that's it for now. I'm hoping to make a video this week... either tomorrow or Thursday. Most-likely Thursday.

Happy Week...

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