Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

I didn't journal again today. I'm not even sure I know where my tracker and stuff are... but I think I did okay. I'm having an issue getting in all my water. Tomorrow's a new day... and the day before weigh in.

The holidays have thrown off my weighing-in schedule. I weighed-in on Tuesday, now I'm going to weigh-in on Sunday... my next weigh-in will have to be Thursday January 8th! Well at least it'll give me time to get a good first loss of the year going.

Not much going on here... getting my list of new year resolutions going.

For those of you who are doing the holiday challenge... make sure to get a finally weigh-in to me on January 5th. I'm getting my ideas for prizes together now. I'll also get hosting another challenge for those who want to participate... I'll have more details up soon.

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