Friday, December 12, 2008

Back 2 Blogging

Finally a written entry. I missed writing, but I committed myself to one week of videos and I did just that. This week I'm committing myself to one week on complete program, and I'm doing just that. I'm aiming to hit all my intake and exercise goals.

Last week, if you watched my videos - you'll know I didn't do so well. But luckily, I still lost. I don't like the feeling of getting on the scale and guessing/hoping/praying that I have a loss. I prefer getting on the scale and feeling confident I'm lower. I feel like a super star when I see a loss. I'm aiming for that every weigh-in.

My treadmill is still down, my goal this week is to find another way to exercise for now. I moved some stuff around this week in my living room so now I have room to do videos. 30 minutes 5 days is my exercise goal. Yesterday, we walked to Dollar Tree and back, it over an hour of exercise... so I counted it as 46 minutes. For everyday that I exercise I'm going to give myself a foil star sticker on my journal. My goal is to collect 5 a week and earn at least 10 activity points.

My weeks run from Thursday through Wednesday. So this week I'm planning to not workout Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday: just because it's Sunday and that's usually my lazy day, and Wednesday because I have a full day this next Wednesday. I work all day, then I have to prepare for my final Thursday morning.

One routine I'm aiming to get into is to plan and prepare my food the night before. Giving it some thought, I've some up with a lose plan:

- Almost every morning I have a Weight Watcher's shake, blended with a cup of fat free milk and ice. I can preload the blender with the milk and shake powder and store it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning all I have to do is drop in the ice and blend it up.

- Also keeping low points snacks on hand and zero point veggies in baggies ready to pack in my lunch tote for work will help also. I just have to remember not to pack too many pointed snacks and focus on getting in more vegetables.

- Ideally, I would like to pack salads for lunch. But I need to work on that. I haven't had a salad in a long time. Dinner I still don't have worked out... I'm going to aim to have a healthy carb, protein, and vegetable.

My plan isn't fully worked out, but I'm getting there...

I just realized this morning when changing my email signature that I'm only 4.6 pounds away from reaching my 10%! This is very exciting for me. My next goal after reaching my 10% will be my 25 pound loss. That would put me at 171.2. I can't wait.

I'm also making changes in my BMI number. Starting my number was 34.8 now I'm a little down... 32.2 - getting to 29.9 (169) would get me out of the Obesity category in into the Overweight one. I have a long away to go, so I'll just keep chipping away.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Prepping things the night before is a valuable skill ! Once a week we go grocery shopping and once we get home i wash the veggies and lettuce , and then cut it up and store it in big zip locks or containers. I pack breakfast and lunch for my hubby days a week , and having those cut veggies makes it an easy , no brainer. With the lettuce cut up and prepped, its just a matter of grab the lettuce and toss in a bowl and then get creative with other additions veggie wise. We have salad at least once a day because of this prep. I am thinking about doing veggies for omlettes as well and then tossing in zip locks and storing in the freezer for even more speed for my own lunches. Good luck !

Rosie said...

You are really good... I'm going to try that, I wasn't very good at prepping this week... the holidays are here and finals at school. And now finally the flu/cold bug has caught up to me... :(