Sunday, December 21, 2008

Laziness? Unmotivated?

I'm having a problem with journaling. I don't know what my deal is... laziness? I think I did pretty good yesterday, of course I don't know because I haven't journaled my food yet.

I did however pass up temptation to order pizza. Vi was totally pushing me into it... but nope. I didn't cave. Okay well... I did for a second but I picked myself up. I got online and started to place the order until I realized I didn't have any avaible money in my checking account and would have to pay for it when the guy came to deliver it. I was sort of too lazy to dig in my pockets so I decided against ordering pizza.

Today I'm motivated. I woke up late and haven't had breakfast, I'm going to get up and have some as soon as I finish this post. Imma have some oatmeal. I think I'll make beans and rice for dinner. I'll see if I can convince my mother to pick me up some chicken and I'll make rice bowls for dinner. Rice, beans, a little chicken and salsa.

For lunch maybe I'll have a Weight Watcher's Shake or pull something out of the freezer. I have to see what I have in there.

Well, I've got a busy day ahead of me. I have my living room to finish, and my kitchen to do. Sometime between now and Christmas Eve I have to find some time to go to the store and pick up some food for Christmas. Maybe I shouldn't of slept in this morning.

I've better get moving.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

For me a lot of times it is the most efficient thing to jot everything down on scraps of paper and then add it to the computer when I get a minute or two. Some times, when life gets crazy, I have been known to scribble notes on my hand. In my last weight loss journey I did not have a computer and I kept a small spiral notebook and pen in my pocket at all times. Sometimes it is just a matter of thinking outside of the box to get the job done. My hubby keeps his on the calender pages of his cell phone, which is never apart from him.

Rosie said...

I was doing the scraps of paper thing to for a while... now I don't know what happen. 2009 is coming I'm gonna get my butt into gear.