Friday, January 10, 2014

Saturdays are FITNESS DAY

Just when I needed him most... I'm struggling BIG TIME with motivation... I get a text from my personal training informing me we won't be meeting tomorrow or ever again due to hi transferring clubs closer to his home... right across the street to be exact... :o/  

He gave me the name of the guy he was going to pawn me off too... but I don't know. I'm super picky about trainers and aside from my trainer there is only one other trainer I really would consider training with but according to my former trainer he has a busy schedule.

My new trainer Sal called me. He sounds super young, I have an idea of who he is... and I don't think I'm interested in training with him. Being that I've worked in the fitness industry before, have friend's who are trainers, and am a life long dieter/weight loser... I don't want a green trainer. I need someone who has been there and done that. Someone who can teach me more than one or two things. I need to get my money's worth!

I'm meeting with him tomorrow and then have a chance to decide whether I want to continue personal training or move on to something else.

I had an AWESOME trainer, but he wasn't too motivational. I think I trained with him so long because he was more of a therapist for me... once a week get together, workout and spill my guts about everything.

A friend of mine who is a personal trainer a few months back gave me her certification manual. I told her about the switch, she told me I pretty much know what I need to do to get to goal... when I'm ready to fine tune she'll help me. Cancel my personal training, use that money on other things and read the manual she gave me.

Suddenly, thinking about what I can do with an extra $100 a month got me motivated to lose weight again! I could buy Roller Skates to exercise... I can do 5K workshops, I can buy better workout shoes... I can afford to buy myself weight loss incentives... and I can try Weight Watcher meetings again if I'd like.

My options are limitless with that extra $100 a month. I'm so excited and motivated now I don't really feel like meeting with Sal tomorrow... I feel like going in and right away cancel my service and get my money back for the 4 sessions I have left.

But I set my appointment... so I'll follow through... but Monday I'm calling guest services and finding out how I can cancel my service and get my money refunded.

Saturdays I'm declaring Fitness Day! It's the day I officially weigh in, regroup, set my new goals... and update here.

I'm on this journey all alone... but for some reason I feel motivated! I'm excited! Being FIT here I come!

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