Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update... Wish It Was A Downdate

After a long battle with my gym they finally let me cancel my personal training contract and not charge me $200 for services I didn't use and don't want. I'm so disappointed in them, after being given the run around it required me to go into the corporate office and have a hissy fit for them to get off their butts and do as they promised whicg is refund me for any unused sessions.

So I currently don't have a trainer but don't feel I need one at this point and when I do get to that point I have my coworker who is an ex-trainer and body building competit - she can help me get a program together.

I'm starting from ground zero. Butterball Status! I'm armed with Weight Watchers Online, my gym membership and this blog. I can do this! I have the tools I just need to focus on consistancy and stay motivated. I'm going to need your help.

So if anyone is out there let me know comment below and we can support each other!

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