Friday, September 24, 2010


Friday is finally here... I did pretty good last week on program, I used up more (all) of my activity and flex points... plus went over by 5 points, but still lost 1.6!... :o)

This week I'm going to focus on drinking all my water. The week before last I barely made my quota, and last week I didn't make it at all... :o(

Yesterday at my meeting, I told my leader that I am down 29 pounds... she looked at my start weight and said it didn't reflect that... but I explained it's because I've joined and quit but total I am down 29.2 pounds... so she changed my start weight to 196.2 and I got my 10% ring and my 25lb charm, I felt special. Next week I should be down a pound and get my 30lb marker! I'm excited - I like awards.

Yesterday and so far today I haven't journaled... gonna take a break in a bit and balance out my points and food (like a checkbook), I'm scared... but it's only Friday and I have five more days to make this week ROCK!

I just thought of this - weight loss is like riding a bike... it can be smooth, but sometimes you might fall off or wreck into something... all you have to do is get back on and keep riding...


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